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Fantasy Football 2011: Five Options for the First Overall Pick

August 13, 2011

The most coveted spot in any fantasy football league draft unfortunately comes with some very tough choices to make. While many would love to have this choice to make, those ...

Is JaMarcus Russell the Biggest Bust in NFL History?

March 27, 2010

JaMarcus Russell, according to Adam Schefter's twitter, weighed in at a staggering 290 lbs at the Raider's offseason programs. Now, unless JaMarcus is considering a position change, he is incredibly overweight.  He ...

NFL Draft 2010: Why the St. Louis Rams Must Take Sam Bradford

March 20, 2010

Six.  Sam Bradford's projected number in the NFL? No, that is the total number of wins the St. Louis Rams have over the past three seasons.  The Rams are currently in complete ...