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Bam! Packers Have All the Ingredients for a Recipe for Success in 2010

August 6, 2010

I have heard many non Packer fans, and even some sceptical Packer fans, say they are tired of hearing how great the Packers are now. These people generally seem to ...

Football: The Fifth Season

August 4, 2010

Many different people have a different idea of what a “perfect day,” or “El Gaupo,” means for them. For some, a sunny summer day spent at the beach might be their ...

History Says “Step Aside Patriots, A New Dynasty Is On The Way!”

January 7, 2010

Too long have I had to listen to the same boring drivel. Peyton Manning this, Peyton Manning that. Tom Brady this, Tom Brady that.  How talented the AFC is. How dominant they are. How ...