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Oakland Raiders—Early Season Predictions

August 9, 2010

If the autumn is to be a pirate, then the Oakland Raiders will need to win early and win often.With a prevailing losing culture enveloping Oakland these past eight years, ...

Time for Roger Goodell to Fix NFL Labor Dispute

April 12, 2010

Twelve months ago the NFL Owners’ opted out of the CBA and set in motion a series of events that are gathering pace at alarming speed.   Twelve months ago we ...

Bruce Gradkowski the Future, McNabb the Past for Oakland Raiders

April 5, 2010

Oakland Raider fans should not despair now that Donovan McNabb is joining the Washington Redskins. McNabb is is an injury prone 34-year old quaterback who, according to former center Hank Fraley, choked ...

Oakland Raiders: Will Win With Bruce Almighty

March 1, 2010

Given Al Davis’ track record, anything is possible for the Raiders in the upcoming NFL Draft and the imminent Free Agency period. As ever the Raiders have many gaps to ...