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Give the Oakland Raiders an “A” for Their Draft Picks in 2010

April 29, 2010

There was a six-year old boy who received his first report card, but he did not take it home to his parents. He threw it away. When asked after a few ...

The Hands Of an Oakland Raider Wide Receiver: What Do You See?

April 28, 2010

This is a test. Once upon a time there was a wide receiver who was known for being in the endzone. Most sports writers said he had good hands. He played ...

Hue Jackson: Oakland Raiders Have a Bright Color of Success

April 27, 2010

Good cooks often look at the color of a meat or vegetable to determine if it is fit for consumption. We expect Tom Cable and Hue Jackson to "cook up" ...

NFL Draft: Good, Better, Best…Which New Oakland Raider Will Pass The Test?

April 25, 2010

Some guys wake up, work hard, and finish first—even though winning was not even possible in the minds of the naysayers. It's clear that JaMarcus Russell needed a little more help ...

Oakland Raiders Shoring Up To Fight Back!

April 25, 2010

If you like interesting movies, then you might have viewed Brad Pitt playing a character named Lieutenant Aldo Raine, the leader of the Basterds. Raine gave a briefing to several ...