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Al Davis, The Risk-Taker Who Pushes the Envelope

April 18, 2010

Great men often make decisions that are controversial. They see farther and deeper. Al Davis is described by many as a risk-taker. There is nothing wrong with that description. Davis just ...

Oakland Raiders: When The Chips Are Down, What Next, Tom Cable?

April 18, 2010

Tom Cable seems confident during his April 15 interview with the press. He is preparing for the 75th NFL Draft and he knows what he wants for the team. Cable says ...

Al Davis Wants Happy Days Here Again for the Oakland Raiders

April 18, 2010

On Oct. 4, 2008, the New York Daily News reported this quote: "Al Davis won't be happy unless John Madden is his coach and Daryle Lamonica is throwing bombs to Warren ...

Oakland Raiders Need Help: What’s the Message in this Bi-Modal Mess since 2003?

April 17, 2010

Al Davis made a presentation at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, in 2006. The win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders in that same year was four wins, and ...

Oakland Raiders QB: What Happened To Eldridge Dickey?

April 16, 2010

Let's just say that being in the right place, at the right time is a powerful, positive factor in the careers of some people. Have you wondered if factors other ...