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Why the Bills Would Be Wise To Keep Marshawn Lynch

May 25, 2010

With the recent selection of CJ Spiller in the 2010 NFL Draft, many rumors began swirling about a potential trade involving Buffalo's former 1st round pick, Marshawn Lynch.  The 3-year ...

How the 6-10 Buffalo Bills Were Four Plays Away from the NFL Postseason

May 21, 2010

They say football is a game of inches. There's no better illustration of that point than the 2009 Buffalo Bills. Vince Lombardi used to always remark that there's usually only four or ...

Chris Johnson: Aftermath of 2,000-Yard Season Not Good News

May 20, 2010

The 2,000 yard season. In some circles, this may be the greatest accomplishment a running back can ever make.  With Chris Johnson joining the ranks by six yards in 2009, there ...