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AFC Championship Preview: Differing Approaches

January 21, 2011

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets.  Two different approaches to building a franchise, yet with very similar results.  The similarities are glaring from an overall philosophy standpoint.  The Steelers ...

Pittsburgh Steelers In Super Bowl Form After Week 3

September 28, 2010

It’s been three weeks of football action, and with all that’s been swallowed and chewed, we have three teams standing undefeated thus far.  Those three teams include the Kansas City Chiefs, ...

San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith Flashes Potential, Gives Hope to the Bay Area

September 21, 2010

After the most entertaining football game thus far into the season, the San Francisco 49ers found themselves on the short end of the stick Monday night. The Niners were defeated ...

NFL: It’s Only Week 2, but Some Teams Are Turning Heads

September 20, 2010

In the NFL, fans and media members alike get overly excited or overly dramatic early in the season.  If your 2-0, things are looking good and everyone on your side ...

Dallas Cowboys Loss, Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett To Blame

September 14, 2010

On Sunday night’s much anticipated debut between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys looked anything but Super Bowl contenders.  Yet, at the end of the primetime game, they ...