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Five Surprises Andy Reid Could Throw Against the Giants

September 30, 2012

Andy Reid is going to need some new tricks to lead the Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Giants in Week 4.  Here are some possible surprises that Reid might throw ...

Fantasy Football: 6 Under-the-Radar Fantasy Producers

September 26, 2012

Finding the diamonds in the rough can often lead to a successful fantasy football season. In this article, I will identify a player at each position that is putting up ...

How Can the Philadelphia Eagles Possibly Be Favorites in Week 2?

September 16, 2012

The Philadlephia Eagles host the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. Last week the Eagles offense was dreadful. Michael Vick threw four interceptions and there should have been a fifth one ...

4 Changes Roger Goodell Could Make to NFL Preseason

August 8, 2012

No one likes the NFL preseason schedule.   Season-ticket holders are annoyed that they need to pay for the two preseason home games along with the eight regular-season games in ...

Fantasty Football 2012: Predicting Stats for Last Year’s Top 20 Producers

July 15, 2012

Who will be the top fantasy football producers this season? Well, first of all, that depends on what scoring system your league uses. Does your league penalize a quarterback for ...