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Chargers Mock Draft: 7 Rounds, Post-Scouting Combine

February 27, 2013

Just as Ryan Leaf's name is trotted out every year at draft time, the story of Mike Mamula will be used as a cautionary tale while trying to make sense ...

Martyball, the Chargers Years: Legendary Coach’s Run Not as Special as You Think

February 20, 2013

January 14, 2007 is a date no Charger fan will ever forget. After finishing the regular season with the best record in football, the Bolts lost a 10-point lead (and the ...

San Diego Chargers: 3 Biggest Offseason Priorities

February 6, 2013

With the Baltimore Ravens having just outlasted the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, it is officially time to begin looking at next season.  Ironically, Baltimore’s fortunes made a huge impact ...