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Just Saying, Is All… | Brett Favre’s Self-Centered Legacy

June 3, 2010

All journeys end at home. Brett Favre is an expiring star. He’s also an eternal beacon. After three consecutive farewell seasons, the Packer-turned-Jet-turned-Viking is mulling another revision to his ...

Just Saying, Is All… | How God Will Help Tim Tebow in the NFL

May 27, 2010

Conviction is self-sustaining. Tim Tebow is a rookie quarterback. He’s also a veteran Christian. After a heavenly career at the University of Florida, the newest Denver Bronco faces a trial by ...

2010 NFL Draft: The Case Against Sam Bradford

April 22, 2010

Every choice is a leap of faith. Sam Bradford is a promising ballplayer. He’s also, obviously, a potential bust. On the eve of the 2010 NFL Draft, the former Oklahoma Sooners ...