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What Exactly Is A Third-Down Back? An Analysis of Brandon Jackson

September 1, 2010

During the NFL draft, one of the players I secretly wished the Packers would select was Dexter McCluster from Ole Miss.  Obviously, the Packers were desperate for an offensive tackle and ...

Green Bay Packers Draft Picks 2010: The Reason Behind the Pick

April 25, 2010

     So now that they NFL draft is officially over, tons of fans will converge on bleacher report and various other website to gripe their grievances about not drafting a ...

Is Green Bay Packers’ GM Ted Thompson Right After All (Part Two)?

April 20, 2010

In my previous article, I analyzed the economics of the NFL draft and Ted Thompson’s preferences during the offseason.  In summary I concluded that yes, Ted Thompson has it ...

Is Packers’ GM Ted Thompson Right After All (Part One)?

April 6, 2010

Ironically, the most divisive person in the Packers' organization isn’t even a player: it's GM Ted Thompson.  Fans are quick to take sides when it comes to Thompson; some hate him ...

Green Bay Packers: Is Ted Thompson’s Philosophy Ruining the Offensive Line?

April 2, 2010

Back in the days of Vince Lombardi, the offensive line had an almost communist quality; the offensive line was an integral part of the team, but you never knew anyone’s ...