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Fitz Blitz: Favre Done, Vikes Belong Outdoors, Tebow-Lloyd, Pointless Pro Bowl

December 21, 2010

So what was all the fuss about the frozen, icy field in Minnesota for? Many just wrote it off as part of football, myself included. I didn’t know ...

Raiders Offense Wil Go As Far As O-Line Takes Them

August 20, 2010

The changes the Oakland Raiders made in the offseason have gotten a lot of attention from the media and fans. They traded for quarterback Jason Campbell, ditched Jamarcus Russell, completely re-tooled ...

Al Davis, Raiders Sink to New Low in Response to Gannon

January 8, 2010

As the House of Usher that is the Oakland Raiders continues to crumble from within, we occasionally get a little peek at the madness. Al Davis is surrounded by yes ...

JaMarcus’ Back Foot—One Big, Baby Step

January 8, 2010

UPDATED:  I started writing this after the win in Denver.  After the Baltimore game, I made a few updates and figured I'd still put it up.  But ...