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Goodbye Nnamdi, Hello Stanford Routt? Oakland Raiders 2011 CB Draft Prospects

February 25, 2011

Well, like most Raiders fans, I felt certain Al would find a way to sign Nnamdi Asomugha. Judging by the recent signings in Oakland though...it appears Mr. Davis has not only ...

Oakland Raiders Merry X-Mas: A Few Unsung Heroes Of The 2010 Season

December 24, 2010

We all know the big names in Oakland, Seymour, Nnamdi, McFadden etc. But this slide is for the guys who do their job every Sunday, but still get no pub. ...

Oakland Raiders:Hue Knew? Can The Oakland Raiders Afford To Lose Hue Jackson

December 17, 2010

Recent news concerning Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has included tension with current head coach Tom Cable, and an emergence as one of the leading head coaching candidates for the 2011 season. All ...