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New York Jets: Mark Sanchez Departs for Philadelphia

March 28, 2014

It’s official, Mark Sanchez is an Eagle. He heads down the I-95 to Philadelphia for greener pastures.  The last two tumultuous years with the Jets are fading in the rear ...

New York Jets Jump Way Up Power Rankings

September 24, 2013

So the Jets have made huge jumps in many NFL power rankings.  Don’t get carried away Jets fans.  This is not a repeat of 2009.  The regression toward the mean ...

New York Jets: Post-Draft Thoughts: Why Did the Jets Draft a QB?

May 20, 2011

    Can someone please explain to me why the Jets drafted Greg McElroy?    A young accomplished QB?  Attention New York Jets!!!!  You already have a young accomplished QB.  His ...

New York Jets: If You Can’t Beat Indy, You’ll Never Make It To the Mountain Top

January 3, 2011

Just a few thoughts as we head into the playoffs; here is some of what I wrote about the Jets last week.  “I'd like to see if the Jets' offense ...

Jets: 1 and 3 (or 4) is Not the Way To Head Into the Playoffs

December 27, 2010

Jets, Jets, Jets.  You've got to play 60 minutes of football.   Yes, the Jets are in the playoffs and in an eerily similar fashion to last year.  I won't say ...

New York Jets: From Potential AFC Top Seed To This?

December 16, 2010

I think this Jets' loss to Miami was arguably worse than the shellacking at the hands of the Pats. At this point, there is no shame in losing to ...