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Drunk, Stupid & Dangerous: NFL Avoids Their DUI Problem

June 6, 2012

Faber College Dean Vernon Wormer would not be amused. Delta House Sergeant-at-Arms Bluto Blutarsky would be proud. It’s time for the National Football League and every member franchise to take ...

Winning, Losing or Never Playing in the Super Bowl Does Not Define Greatness

February 4, 2011

Dan Marino is not one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all-time. Neither is Fran Tarkenton. Jim Kelly certainly falls short.  Don’t even think of uttering the name of Dan Fouts. Warren Moon? You can’t be serious.  Jim Krieg is ...

NFL 2011 Season Assured Thanks To Boorish, Greedy Players

February 1, 2011

Mark this down. Indelible ink. Non-soluble paint. In stone. Owners in the National Football League have won their battle with the players over a new contract. Before the first real shot ...