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Cleveland Browns Draft: Is It Judgement Day for the 3-4 Defense?

March 15, 2010

Has Browns President Mike Holmgren been divinely inspired?  He brought in free agent ILB Scott Fujita from the world champion Saints as his one and only defensive addition thus far.  ...

Cleveland Browns Mock Draft for West Coast Offense or 3-4 Defense: Rounds 4-7

March 13, 2010

Round Four, Pick 102 3-4 Defense: SS Darrell Stuckey, Kansas WCO Offense: OG Mike Johnson, Alabama Combo Pick: Stuckey Stuckey is an explosive tackler with good size and speed.  His only real weakness is ...

How the Cleveland Browns Draft Is Lining Up: Focus on Offense or Defense?

March 12, 2010

Considering the deficiencies of personnel for the 3-4 defense, which is in place already, and the effort underway to convert to the West Coast Offense (WCO) that will require additional specialized ...

Playing Devil’s Advocate: Academics Take Precedence Over Athletics

March 4, 2010

Jacob Hickman, a three-year starting offensive lineman at Nebraska, was invited to Indianapolis this week to participate in the NFL combine. Politely, he declined. “I didn’t feel the need to ...

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