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Detroit Lions: With the First Pick, the Lions Select Brent Grimes

March 6, 2011

This past week, the Atlanta Falcons placed a first-round tender on their "shut down" corner Brent Grimes. While some of you may not agree with me that he is a ...

The Realistic Steps Needed To Make The Lions a Playoff-Bound Team In 2011

February 2, 2011

While there are a lot of needs on this team, and we play in a hard division. We can do it with a few moves and a good draft. We ...

NFL: To Touchback or Not to Touchback, That Is the Question

January 16, 2011

A co-worker and I got into a heated debate about kickoffs and coverages. I stated that if my kicker had the leg for it, I would want him to kick out ...

If The Draft Was Today, What Position Would You Takein the First Round?

October 16, 2010

       I am as happy as I have ever been as a Lions fan! For once I feel like we are headed in the right direction and not lying to myself.        ...

Shawne Merriman: Should the Detroit Lions Take a Chance on Him?

October 14, 2010

While I am fully aware of Shawne's history of injury and lack of production, don't you think he might be an upgrade compared to the broke down LB Corp we currently have. ...