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Arizona Cardinals Gets the Better of the Oakland Raiders

September 27, 2010

The Arizona Cardinals were extremely lucky to escape a poorly executed game Sunday at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals started off with an exciting kickoff return for a touchdown. ...

Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals: A Match Made in Heaven

September 23, 2010

Kevin Kolb is on the verge of going back to his old position on the Philadelphia Eagles, backup QB.Kolb suffered a concussion to the monstrous Clay Matthews and was out ...

Arizona Cardinals: Derek Anderson Needs to Follow in Aaron Rodgers’ Footsteps

September 19, 2010

Don't let the title get you wrong, Aaron Rodgers is on the Green Bay Packers, but what he did to follow a legend is simply what Derek Anderson needs to accomplish as ...

Matt Leinart Could Be Cut By Arizona Cardinals

August 31, 2010

Is Matt Leinart's spot on the Arizona Cardinals roster ready to be replaced? CBSSports.com Senior NFL Writer Clark Judge says that team sources are making an impression that Leinart has lost ...

Arizona Cardinals: Are the Starters Bird Feed or Birds of Prey?

August 30, 2010

Matt Leinart went from college superstar to NFL bust, and now he is fighting for a starting job at QB. Derek Anderson was picked up in the offseason by the Cardinals after having ...